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Beating Cerebral Palsy One Mile At A Time!

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My name is Clint D. Carlson and am the very proud father of Breyden C.D. Carlson.  Breyden has a  serious condition called Cerebral Palsy (CP) which is a debilitating condition that effects the Cerebral part of the human brain; which controls movement.   The severity of CP is rated one thru five with five being the most severe.  Breyden is a four of five with little to no control over his right arm, trunk, fingers and left leg.  This reality of not being able to run and play with the other children would get even the most strong among us down, but not Breyden.  Strength like you have never seen and an attitude that is absolutely priceless we are attempting, what doctors consider impossible; Breyden walking COMPLETELY unassisted.  

I promised my son he would walk someday and the only way Breyden walks, unassisted, is through Stem Cell Therapy Treatments. Study's have shown, via medical journals, UNBELIEVABLE results showing 400%-700% increases in brain and motor function, specifically in the cerebral part of the brain (which is responsible for movement).  If Breyden saw a fraction of these numbers he would walk  unassisted with absolutely no problem.  

For the last 10 years, which is how old Breyden is, I had thought about doing something but never doing anything due to financial obligation to the rest of my family; Wife and two daughters.  With no real plan in place I took a "now or never" gamble and quit my job to fulfill my promise to my son of walking someday. 

In order to raise the money needed, which is ~$225,000, to get Breyden treatments we are doing a tandem bike ride from San Jose Ca to Miami Fl which will be a Guinness's Book of World Record for longest recumbent bike ride by a person, Man/Women or Child, with Cerebral Palsy.  The money is obviously important for the Stem Cell treatments but believe there are priceless lesson(s) to be learned on what one can accomplish if the mindset is right and are willing to work hard for it.  This accomplishment will set Breyden up for life as something he can rely on for strength down the road. 

When we finish the ride and have raised the necessary monies for Breyden's treatment we will pay it forward, with any left over monies, to as many Children as we can.  Thank you for your time and if you donated THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  We can't do this alone and with your help can give to Breyden what most of us take for granite on a daily basis; ability to move freely from place to another unassisted.  

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